What is notifiable electrical work?

Notifiable electrical work is where your electrician is required to notify building control once they have carried out your work.

The introduction of the latest version of Part P was introduced on 6 April 2013, the range of works requiring notification has been reduced over time.

Notifiable works

  • The installation of a new circuit
  • The replacement of a consumer unit
  • Any addition or alteration to an existing circuit in a special location

Non- notifiable works

  • All other work is considered non-notifiable, namely additions and alterations to existing installations outside special locations, maintenance, replacement and repair work.

Special locations and installations

  • A room containing a bathtub or shower
  • A room containing a swimming pool or sauna heater.

A special location means:

  • A room containing a bath or shower, the space surrounding a bath tap or showerhead where the space extends vertically from the finished floor level to a height of 2.25 metres or the position of the showerhead where it is attached to a wall or ceiling at a height higher than 2.25 metres from that level or horizontally where there is a bathtub or shower tray, from the edge of the bath tub or shower tray to a distance of 0.6 metres. Or where there is no bath tub or shower tray from the centre point of the shower head where it is attached to the wall or ceiling to a distance of 1.2 metres.